Our Staff

Tamara Goble

It is her seventh year working for LaVerne and she recommends that you try everything on the menu! But not all at once. Tamara loves travelling! She was in New Zealand for the past 6 months travelling the country and working as a WWOOFer. She hopes to take a trip around BC this summer and maybe head to Europe in the winter!

Brooke Nattall

Brooke enjoys meeting new people at LaVerne’s where she has worked for the past 7 summers. Her favorite dish at LaVerne’s is Bacon & Egger and invites everyone to come and try this breakfast treat as well as their other delicious fare.

Vanessa Lanteigne

When asked what she likes most about working at LaVerne’s, Vanessa is quick to admit, “the money!” then adds, “and the ice cream!” She has been working part-time every summer at La Verne’s except the time when she spent a full year in Mexico attending Grade 11 under a youth exchange program.

Kelsey Nattall

Kelsey has been helping out at LaVerne’s – taking orders, serving food & doing prep work, among many other tasks and likes LaVerne as boss because she is so “cool!” She thinks LaVerne’s Grill is a really great place in the summer to meet people who come to enjoy the food and scenery. Her favorite LaVerne dish is the Chicken Burger.

staff6Gloria Nicol has enjoyed working for LaVerne for 3 seasons now. She especially enjoys all the visitors from around the world. Gloria hopes LaVerne puts her deep fried pickles on the menu.

Keanna McLeod

It’s Keanna’s first year at LaVerne’s and she’s enjoying the experience of working in a popular local eatery.